CASA Workshop on 3D Advanced Media In Gaming And Simulation (3AMIGAS)
16 June 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (in conjunction with CASA 2009)

DESCRIPTION. This workshop is about the creation and use of advanced 3D media in gaming and simulation. Simulations and games take place in virtual worlds. Such worlds can either be models of existing environments or can be fictitious. They can have a very realistic look-and-feel or they can be imaginary. To create adaptive game play and simulations, dynamic world models are required that can automatically be adapted to changing requirements. Virtual worlds are inhabited by virtual characters. These characters must behave in natural ways, based on the way they sense their environment and based on their own internal emotional state and relations to other characters. The virtual characters should be able to adapt to the situation at hand. They should react and plan their actions, and smart objects should react to interaction. In augmented worlds, natural navigation and interaction is a real challenge due to limitations in multimodal control and feedback technology and due to limitations in the understanding and true-to-life modeling. Traditional interfaces are generally not natural and demand substantial cognitive resources. All these issues are aspects of advanced 3D media.
TOPICS include, but are not limited to:
  • Navigation in games and simulations
  • Smart objects
  • Formalization and representation of shape semantics
  • Virtual characters
  • Content-based 3D retrieval and classification
  • Automatic creation of imaginary worlds
  • Semantics-driven 3D visualization
  • 3D media ontologies
  • Automatic world generation based on real data
  • Semantics-based 3D modeling
  • Interaction in 3D worlds
At the workshop there will be a presentation about the results of a survey of the use of knowledge intensive 3D media in Gaming and Simulation.

The workshop is over. We hope that all participants enjoyed it as much as we did. Our thanks goes to the reviewers, the presenters, all participants, the local organization, and everyone else who was involved in making this workshop a success. At the FOCUS K3D portal, you can download the proceedings and slides from the presentations as well as some workshop photos.

Adiós from
the 3 Amigos!

PARTICIPATION. The workshop takes place on June 16, 2009, one day before the CASA 2009 conference. Note that participation is free of charge, but workshop participants must register via the registration form on this website.

Organized and sponsored by the NWO/ICT-Regie project GATE, and the EU FP7 IST project FOCUS K3D.
Questions? Send email to the 3 amigas workshop chairs