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Studiepunten:7.5 ECTS
Periode:periode 1 (week 36 t/m 45, d.w.z. 3-9-2018 t/m 9-11-2018; herkansing week 1)
Deelnemers:tot nu toe 60 inschrijvingen
Rooster:De officiële roosters staan ook in Osiris
college   wo 15.15-17.0037-44 RUPPERT-PAARS Debabrata Panja
Ronald Poppe
vr 11.00-12.4536 RUPPERT-042
37-44 RUPPERT-042
practicum groep 1 vr 9.00-10.4537-44 UNNIK-106
groep 2 vr 9.00-10.4537-44 KBG-228
groep 3 vr 9.00-10.4537-44 BBG-103 CLZ
werkcollege groep 1        Federico D'Ambrosio
studentassistent JM
Inhoud:Image Processing provides basic knowledge and skills for the analysis and processing of digital images. We discuss fundamental and core techniques such as filters, edges, colors and spectral techniques. We also treat advanced topics including corner detection, Fourier shape descriptors and automatic thresholding. The course will be in English. The assignments are mandatory and require C# skills. Course goals:
  • Knowledge of:
    • Ways of describing images, including histograms
    • Linear/non-linear filters and morphological filters
    • Image processing tasks including edge and curve detection and automatic thresholding
    • Spectral techniques and the relation between continuous and discrete
    • Color spaces and their relations
    • Shape descriptors, including Fourier shape descriptors
  • Experience with:
    • Designing and deriving filters to enhance images or extract features
    • Applying filters, including morphological filters
    • Designing image processing pipelines
Literatuur:"Principles of Digital Image Processing" by Burger & Burge. It consists of three volumes, which can be downloaded from SpingerLink (free of charge if you access the pages through the UU domain): We will also use "Advanced Engineering Mathematics (10th Edition)" by Erwin Kreyszig (Chapter 11), for which we will provide the material.
Werkvorm:Lectures (15)
Exercise sessions (2)
Assignments (3) in pairs (mandatory)
Exam and mid-term exam (mandatory)
Toetsvorm:The mid-term (M) exam counts for 20%, the final (E) exam for 30%. The two first assignments (A1,A2) count for 10% each, while the final assignment (A3) makes up 30% of the final grade. To pass the course, the weighted average of the exams and the weighted average of the assignments should both be at least 4. The final grade should be at least 5.5.
Inspanningsverplichting voor aanvullende toets:To take part in the re-take, your exam grade should be at least 4.
Beschrijving:There is a strong mathematical component in this course. Required knowledge includes elementary knowledge of finite series, elementary statistics, elementary linear algebra (matrices). Knowledge on complex numbers will be helpful to understand the Fourier transform related topics. If you lack this knowledge, you will be required to master it on your own during the course. For the assignments, experience with C# is recommended.