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Software production

Website:website containing additional information
Course code:INFOMSPR
Credits:7.5 ECTS
Period:period 1 (week 36 through 45, i.e., 3-9-2018 through 9-11-2018; retake week 1)
Participants:up till now 16 subscriptions
Schedule:Official schedule representation can be found in Osiris
lecture   Mon 13.15-15.0036 BBG-115 Sjaak Brinkkemper
Mon 13.15-17.0037-44 BBG-115
Thu 9.00-10.4536 BBG-017
Thu 9.00-12.4537-44 BBG-115
week: 45Tue 6-11-201813.30-16.30 uurroom: BBG-209
week: 1Thu 3-1-20199.00-12.00 uurroom: BBG-061retake exam
Contents:Software Production is the research domain that covers product development, corporate entrepreneurship, and societal implications of large scale software development in open market conditions.

The learning goals of this course are:
  • Getting acquainted with the state-of-the-art of research in Software Production
  • Creating and providing a presentation of a scientific paper
  • Able to formalize theories on phenomena of software production
  • Design and execute a small research project in software production
The overall approach of the course is about learning to perform a small research project. The course is therefore a good preparation for the MBI graduation project.
Topics covered this year are:
  1. Natural language processing in requirements engineering and software architecting: user stories, epic stories,
  2. Software architecting: documenting functional architecture, technical architecture, feature models
  3. Responsible software
  4. Product variability technologies and strategies: personalization, customization, localization, internationalization
Literature:Will be discussed and selected by the students during the seminar.
Course form:The course is run as a seminar. Interactive discussions led by students, PhDs, and staff.
Research project is performed by a team of two students. The type of project can be systematic literature review; theory building/testing multi-case study; experiment with development processes. Students will present (parts of) scientific papers and progress reports of the research project.
Exam form:Various presentations. Written research report.
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:Om aan de aanvullende toets te mogen meedoen moet de oorspronkelijke uitslag minstens 4 zijn.