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Multimedia retrieval

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Contents:Multimedia retrieval is about the search for and delivery of multimedia documents: images, sound, video, 3D scenes, and the combination of these. This course deals with the technical aspect of multimedia retrieval such as techniques, algorithms, and data structures for search query formulation, media feature description, matching of descriptions, and indexing.
Literature:M. Lew (ed.). Principles of Visual Information Retrieval. Springer 2001. The slides of the lectures are made available.
Course form:The course consists of a number of lectures, and an experimentation assignment.
Exam form:A written exam about the topics of the lectures (50%), experimentation assignment (50%).
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:To qualify for a re-take, the final grade must be at least a 4.
Description:During a number of initial lectures, a critical amount of knowledge is provided about he technical aspect of multimedia retrieval: techniques, algorithms, and data structures for search query formulation, media description, matching of descriptions, indexing, visualization of retrieval results, relevance feedback, etc. In order to experimentally evaluate various techniques, a practical assignment is done, involving the implementation of a retrieval method, and the assessment of the retrieval performance.