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Multimodal interaction

Website:website containing additional information
Course code:INFOMMMI
Credits:7.5 ECTS
Period:period 3 (week 6 through 15, i.e., 5-2-2018 through 13-4-2018; retake week 27)
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Schedule:Official schedule representation can be found in Osiris
lecture          Wolfgang Hürst
week: 15Mon 9-4-20188.30-10.30 uurroom: -
Note:No up-to-date course description available.
Text below is from year 2016/2017

This course is about the fascinating world of human visual, auditory and tactile perception and the use of its potential in designing novel interfaces for interacting with virtual worlds and augmented realities. Part 1 (February) will be given by Peter Werkhoven and covers mostly multimodal (multisensory) perception and interaction, plus related aspects when interacting with virtual worlds. Part 2 (March-April) will be given by Wolfgang Hürst, addressing further aspects of virtual and augmented reality. It will also be complemented with a practical project. For further information about this course please refer to the course's website.

Note for older students: if you have already taken the seminar INFOMMI, you will not be able to take this course due to the high content overlap with part 1.

Literature:May change!
There will be no textbook but we will use journal articles and conference papers instead. These will be announced in the lectures and on the course's website.
Course form:

2 weekly lectures plus practicals. The practicals will contain a theoretical part (literature study, game analysis, essay writing and presentation) and a practical part (multimodal interaction implementation and evaluation). See the course's website for a detailed schedule, but be aware that information might be preliminary and changes may apply.

Exam form:The final grading will be the weighted average of two exams and the practical assignments. In particular:
  • Exam questions covering part 1, weighted 30%
  • Exam questions covering part 2, weighted 20%
  • Group essay and presentation, weighted 20%
  • Project, weighted 30%
To pass this course:
  • you have to participate in the exam
  • you have to deliver all practical assignments
  • your exam grade should be at least 5.0
    (before rounding; parts 1 & 2 weighted as above)
  • your practical grade should be at least 5.0
    (before rounding; essay & project weighted as above)
  • your total grade should be at least 5.5 (before rounding)
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:To qualify for the retake exam, the grade of the original must be at least 4.
Description:Please refer to the course's website for further information.