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MSc project Game and media technology

Te lang geleden voor docent- en roosterinformatie

To be allowed to start with the thesis project, you must have obtained at least 67.5 ECTS.


Before starting your thesis project, you need to fill in this form and deliver it to the student desk.
As long as the site of the Graduate School is down, use this version.

External projects

You have the possibility to do your thesis project at a company or government institute. In that case, one of the staff members of the GMT group should approve the project and serve as a supervisor.

This page gives a list of companies and institutes that (possibly) offer internships. In some cases, concrete project proposals are described.

Other useful information

If you want to take a look at master theses from the past, look here in Igitur.

Procedures around the completion of your project
  • Determine date and time to defend your thesis. Your defense will be 60 minutes long: 45 minutes for your presentation, and the last 15 minutes for questioning. For reservation of a room, please contact Geraldine Leebeek, Corine Kranenberg or Rita Jansen
  • After your grade has been determined, your supervisor should fill in this form and deliver it to the student desk.
    As long as the site of the Graduate School is down, use this version.
  • You also need to deliver a pdf of the final version of your thesis. Don't forget this, because this is a requirement before you can graduate! Your title page should contain the name of our institution, and a thesis number (= ICA-yourstudentnumber). Upload the pdf to Igitur.
  • After you get your grade (or before, if you are very close to completion, and are sure of your schedule; please consult your supervisor), register for your examination. This means that you now officially request the Examination Board to approve your master certificate. The procedure is described here. This procedure also involves filling in this form, having it signed by the master student advisor (Hans Philippi, BBL 563) and delivering it to the student desk.
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam: