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One of the basic components of computer systems is the interactions between human users and the systems. "Good" interactions do not only provide enjoyable experiences but also increase productivity and efficiency. A field that focuses on developing computer interactions is called Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This course is part of HCI, yet emphasizing on the technological aspects rather than the human aspects. For example, the course will discuss the technologies behind Microsoft Kinect, Nintendo Wii's controllers, etc. Also, it will include other technologies such as voice interfaces, taste interfaces, brain interfaces, avatar-based interfaces, ambient intelligence, mobile interaction, etc.

Interactive technologies are crucial in many applications, particularly in game research and technology. By passing the course, the students are expected to understand the concepts of interaction technology, so that they can imagine the possible future of human-computer interaction. The course is in English, and knowledge in programming (C#) at the level of the game-programming course is a prerequisite.

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Course website: Interaction Technology Course

Strongly recommended to have:
* HCI beyond GUI (official website |

The following books are optional:

* Human Computer Interaction (
Werkvorm:2 x 2 hour lectures per week.
Toetsvorm:Attendance, practical assignments, mid-term exam, and final-term exam:
10%: lecture attendance
40%: practicals
25%: mid-term exam
25%: final-term exam

Note: the percentages above are tentative.
To pass the course:
1. the final total grade must be minimum 6
2. the total written exam must be minimum 5
Inspanningsverplichting voor aanvullende toets:To do the retake, the final total grade must be minimum 4.