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Vak-informatie Informatica en Informatiekunde

Introduction to Business informatics

Website:website containing additional information
Course code:INFOSPMBI
Credits:1 ECTS
Period:periode 1 (week 36 t/m 45, dwz 5-9-2016 t/m 11-11-2016; herkansing week 1)
Participants:up till now 52 subscriptions
Schedule:Official schedule representation can be found in Osiris
college   wo 9.00-10.4537-44 RUPPERT-033 Sergio Espaņa Cubillo
Period:periode 3 (week 6 t/m 15, dwz 6-2-2017 t/m 13-4-2017; herkansing week 27)
Participants:up till now 20 subscriptions
Schedule:Official schedule representation can be found in Osiris
college   wo 9.00-10.457-14 BBG-020 Sergio Espaņa Cubillo
Contents:The objectives of this course are:
  • Getting acquainted with the complete MBI program
  • Creation of an MBI personal study plan
  • Proper integration of students coming from Utrecht University with those from other universities
  • Getting acquainted with the MBI graduation procedure
  • Making students aware of what constitutes academic fraud and other rules and regulations

Literature:The students are expected to know the contents of the Business Informatics curriculum and have read the website Furthermore, some exceptional reading can be found here.
Course form:Lectures, workshops and assignments. Please note that it is necessary to take this course immediately after starting the MBI program.
Exam form:No formal exam. Students have formally completed the course when the following items have been completed:
  • The data about you in the student directory is correct and complete
  • You have submitted a studyplan and it has been approved by Slinger Jansen
  • You have participated in the activities organised during the lectures

Furthermore, students have to attend all classes. If a student cannot attend a formal excuse is required, for which proof can be requested from the student.
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:There are no exams in this course, but several assignments. In case you fail to deliver them, you have to talk to the course coordinator. Often, this implies retaking the course the following time it is offered (either on February or on September).
Description:The course is obligatory for all students that have received formal approval for entering the Business Informatics master program after 1 February 2007. This course consists of several meetings in which students are informed about the opportunities of the MBI curriculum.