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Vak-informatie Informatica en Informatiekunde

Introduction to Business informatics

Te lang geleden voor docent- en roosterinformatie
Website:website containing additional information
Contents:The objectives of this course are fourfold:
  • Getting acquainted with the complete MBI program
  • Creation of an MBI personal study plan
  • Proper integration of students coming from Utrecht University with those from other universities
  • Getting acquainted with the MBI graduation procedure
  • Making students aware of what constitutes academic fraud and other rules and regulations

Literature:The students are expected to know the contents of the Business Informatics curriculum and have read the website Furthermore, some exceptional reading can be found here.
Course form:Lectures, workshops and assignments. Please note that it is advisable to take this course immediately after starting the MBI program.
Exam form:No formal exam. Students have formally completed the course when the following items have been completed:
  • the studyplan, approved by Slinger Jansen
  • the presentation about your personal plans
  • Shown your writing and reviewing skills
  • the data in the student directory is correct and complete

Furthermore, students have to attend all classes. If a student cannot attend a formal excuse is required, for which proof can be requested from the student.
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:Om aan de aanvullende toets te mogen meedoen moet de oorspronkelijke uitslag minstens 4 zijn.
Description:The course is obligatory for all students that have received formal approval for entering the Business Informatics master program after 1 February 2007. This course consists of several meetings in which students are informed about the opportunities of the MBI curriculum.