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Literature review Game and media technology

Te lang geleden voor docent- en roosterinformatie

The Literature Review for Game and Media Technology is accessible only to GMT master students. It is a full period, half-time course (7.5 ECTS). Registration is mandatory for all new students starting the master program in the academic year 2011/2012. The registration for this course can be done at any period during the master program. Students are advised to register during the second year. Registration of students that have started the master program before 2011 is possible but not obligatory.

The goal of the course is to develop your academic skills in terms of search for relevant research work, reading of papers, summarizing information, and structuring and writing a survey report.

If you already know your Msc Project, the literature review should be related to it (basically on a slightly extended topic). Otherwise, you can define yourself the topic of the review, but it should preferably be related to the research area on which you intend to work during your Msc Project (based on personal preferences and the research conducted in the CS department). In every cases, at the time of registration, the student needs a topic and a supervisor from the CS department. The research area should not be to wide (no point to try to review for example the whole animation or computer vision field), and not to focused (you still need to review a rather large number of papers). The final decision of the topic will be done in agreement with the supervisor and the coordinators.

The final document should be about 20 pages long, referencing and discussing about 30 relevant works. These figures are highly dependent on the selected research area, and so might be adapted and discussed with the supervisor and the coordinators.


The papers, book chapters, web pages, etc. the student will have to select.

Course form:

The first week will be dedicated to the definition of the topic together with the supervisor, concluded with an agreement with the coordinators. Then, the student will use the next seven weeks to search and read papers, and finally write the survey. It is strongly advised to take notes and contribute to the final document all along the period, so that the student does not have to rush into the writing during the last couple of days. The deadline to submit the literature review will be on the last day of the period.
Meetings with the supervisor will be held on a regular basis (frequency up to that latter) and one meeting will be held with one of the coordinators at the mid-period; The meetings will mostly help the student in the selection task and survey structuring.

Exam form:

The one and only grade will come from the evaluation of the literature review, defined by the supervisor and the coordinators. The grade will be based on the content (selection of papers, explanations, etc.) and structure (clarity, writing, etc.) of the report. A grade of 6 is needed to pass the course.

Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:

There is no retake exam for this course.