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Game production

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Course code:INFOMGPR
Credits:7.5 ECTS
Period:period 1 (week 36 through 45, i.e., 5-9-2016 through 11-11-2016; retake week 1)
Participants:up till now 64 subscriptions
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lecture   Mon 13.15-17.0037-44 BBG-161 Fabiano Dalpiaz
Thu 9.00-12.4536 BBG-161
37-39 BBG-083
41-44 BBG-083

Game production is the discipline that concerns the creation of a game product, and it encompasses its inception, creation, market release, evolution across multiple versions, maintenance, and retirement. This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how a game product is created, by considering different yet complementary aspects, including game concept, game design, requirements engineering, architectural reuse, business models, development, and testing.

The covered topics include:

  • Production processes and roles
  • Project planning
  • Agile development via Scrum and User Stories
  • Concept and pitching
  • Game design
  • Project risk management
  • Requirements engineering for games
  • Game development
  • Business models
  • Reuse of games
  • Quality assurance: testing games

Intended Learning Outcomes: by successfully attending the course, the student:

  • Learns the fundamentals of game production
  • Knows the activities, roles, and tools in game production
  • Is aware of the challenges of game production
  • Has hands-on expertise with techniques that support game (and software) production
  • Learns the difference between production in large studios and indie production
Literature:Will be provided throughout the course.
Course form:Lectures, workshops, and a reading group for the students aiming at the top grades.
Exam form:

In order to pass the course, the students will (i) conduct, in groups of two, a project where important activities of game production will be executed on a fictional game project; and (ii) individually take a midterm and a final exam.

The project counts 40% of the final grade, and will be delivered in two parts, each contributing equally to the final grade:

  1. From pitching to requirements [Sep 30, 2016]
  2. Business Model, Game Design and Goal Modeling [Oct 28, 2016]

The remaining 60% of the final grade is obtained through the midterm exam (20%) and the final exam (40%). 

In order to pass, at least two of the three components should be fully sufficient (6.0 or above).

Finally, in order to obtain a grade of 8.5 or above, the student has to attend the reading group, a weekly meeting where the students research upon and present topics at the intersection of software engineering and games. Attending the reading group can give a bonus of up to 1 point on the final grade, and requires actively attending all reading seven groups and presenting one topic. If the participation in the reading group is not rated satisfactory, the maximum final grade will be 8.0.

Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:See the exam regulations of your master's degree.