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Artificial intelligence Project proposal

Course code:INFOMAI1
Credits:14 ECTS
Period:Possible in any periode individually
Participants:up till now 19 subscriptions
Schedule:Official schedule representation can be found in Osiris
Teachers:Dit is een oud rooster!
coordinatie          Frank Dignum
Contents:Entrance requirements To be allowed to start with the Msc project without specific approval by the AI programme leader, you must meet all of the following requirements. You have passed all mandatory courses (general and per track); you have obtained at least 60 ECTS; If you do not meet all these requirements, then you can only start with the Msc project after approval by the AI programme leader. Finding a topic and a thesis supervisor Start thinking about a topic at least two and a half months before the intended starting date. For inspiration, check the list of completed master's theses at IGITUR. Common ways to find a thesis topic are: Ask a lecturer of a course that you found interesting. If this results in a topic, then the lecturer will usually be your thesis supervisor. (If you found a topic yourself:) approach a lecturer who you think might be suitable as a supervisor. If in doubt, consult the student advisor of your track. If you want to do an external project: Check the projects announced via the AI students mailing list. Descriptions of external projects will be mailed via this list when available. Find an external project on your own. In both cases, if the external organization selects you, then find an internal supervisor (an AI lecturer) before starting with the project. In the second and third case, the internal supervisor must approve the project before you can start. (If all else fails:) consult the student advisor of your track. Registration of Msc project Before starting the final project, complete the research application form, collect the relevant signatures and hand it in at the Student Affairs Office, BBG-184a). Thesis project protocol
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:To qualify for the retake exam, the grade of the original must be at least 4.