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Game programming in C++

Te lang geleden voor docent- en roosterinformatie
Contents:The goal of the course Game Programming in C++ is twofold. First, a practical introduction to programming in C++ will be given. We will also present a set of useful techniques for efficient and reusable C++ programming, including design patterns. Next, we will discuss how C++ is used to implement techniques often used in games. We will look at a collection of advanced programming techniques, such as inheritance, exception handling, STL, and plugins. Also, we will provide an analysis of the structure of game engines by looking at their architecture, as well as the design patterns that are applied. Next to the lectures, a number of practical assignments will be given, each of which addressing a particular topic covered in the lectures. For these practical assignments, we will use an existing game engine.
Literature:C++ for Game Programmers: Second Edition by Michael J. Dickheiser. Charles River Media, 2007. ISBN 1-58450-452-8.
Course form:The course consists of 2x2 hours of lecture per week, as well as a 2x2 hours for the practical assignments.
Exam form:The final grade is determined by the written exam (75%) and the intermediate test (25%).
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:To qualify for a retake exam, the original grade should be at least 4.