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Driedimensionaal modelleren

Website:website met extra informatie
Studiepunten:7.5 ECTS
Periode:periode 4 (week 17 t/m 26, dwz 24-4-2017 t/m 30-6-2017; herkansing week 28)
Deelnemers:tot nu toe 64 inschrijvingen
Rooster:De officiële roosters staan ook in Osiris
college   di 11.00-12.4517-23 RUPPERT-042 Maarten Löffler
Amir Vaxman
25 RUPPERT-042
do 15.15-17.0018-20 RUPPERT-042
22-25 RUPPERT-042
practicum groep 1 di 9.00-10.4517-26 BBG-103 CLZ
do 13.15-15.0018-20 BBG-109 CLZ
22-25 BBG-109 CLZ
groep 2 di 9.00-10.4517-26 BBG-109 CLZ
do 13.15-15.0018-20 BBG-115 CLZ
22-25 BBG-115 CLZ
groep 3 di 9.00-10.4517-26 BBG-106 CLZ
do 13.15-15.0018-20 BBG-112 CLZ
22-25 BBG-112 CLZ
werkcollege groep 1        Ron Vanderfeesten
groep 2        Nina Rosa
groep 3        Paolo de Heer
week: 26di 27-6-201711.00-13.00 uurzaal: EDUC-BETA
week: 28di 11-7-201711.00-13.00 uurzaal: EDUC-GAMMAaanvullende toets
Inhoud:3D Modeling pertains to all forms of creating, designing, synthesizing, acquiring, analyzing and deforming geometric shapes in space. The applications are numerous: from computer graphics and the film industry, through computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) and architecture, to processing of point clouds and procedural modeling. The knowledge of linear algebra and basic calculus will be very helpful, but not entirely necessary; we will teach some of the basics in the context. The course "computer graphics" and courses in algorithms and programming are mandatory. The exercise will be performed on the Blender open-source 3D-modeling environment.
Werkvorm:2 x 2 uur college per week en 2 x 2 uur practikum per week.
Inspanningsverplichting voor aanvullende toets:.
Beschrijving:Zie website.