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Organisaties en ICT

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Studiepunten:7.5 ECTS
Historie:Dit vak is de opvolger van ICT in organisatie beleid en management (INFOIOBM). Je kunt maar een van beide vakken voor je examen opvoeren
Periode:periode 4 (week 17 t/m 27, d.w.z. 21-4-2014 t/m 4-7-2014; herkansing week 34)
Deelnemers:tot nu toe 133 inschrijvingen
Rooster:De officiële roosters staan ook in Osiris
Docenten:Dit is een oud rooster!
college          Fabiano Dalpiaz
Wienand Omta
werkcollege groep 1        Fabiano Dalpiaz
Evert Eckhardt
Crystal Reijnen
Donatas Rasiukevicius
Ciel Eijssen
groep 2        Wienand Omta

This course introduces the students with the interplay between organizations and information & communication technology (ICT). The main thrust is to create awareness and deliver knowledge on the importance of considering ICT within the context of the organization(s) that make use of ICT systems.

To do so, the course aims to attain the following learning objectives:

  • To acquire knowledge concerning the organizational theories that explain how organizations work
  • To learn the fundamentals and the challenges of integrating ICT within an organization
  • To acquire knowledge on the key types of ICT systems and how they support an organization
  • To be able to critically analyze the ICT systems that are embedded within one organization

In order to achieve these objectives, the course will be taught as an interplay of lectures by the two lecturers, practical activities in the lab, and guest lectures on selected topic given by experts in the field.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • introduction to modern information systems
  • global e-business and collaboration
  • organizations
  • organizational theory
  • organizational structures
  • aligning organizational strategy and information systems
  • cross-organizational information systems
  • foundations of business intelligence
  • security in information systems
  • ethical and social issues
  • knowledge management
  • enterprise applications
  • eCommerce
For any questions, please contact oictuu [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Literatuur:(required) Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon "Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital firm", 2012, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-214285-4 (optional) Richard L. Daft, Jonathan Murphy, Hugh Willmott "Organization Theory and Design", 2010, ISBN13: 978-1-84480-990-5
Werkvorm:Lectures by the two lecturers, practical activities in the lab, and guest lectures on selected topic given by experts in the field.
Toetsvorm:The assessment and grading scheme is defined as follows:
  • midterm exam: 30%
  • final exam: 45%
  • project (during labs and at home): 25%
Inspanningsverplichting voor aanvullende toets:Om aan de aanvullende toets te mogen meedoen moet de oorspronkelijke uitslag minstens 4 zijn.