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Dirk Thierens


10 theses
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INF/SCR-2009-095 pdf 2009 Jan Olav Hajduk, An analysis of tabu search for the graph coloring problem
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens
INF/SCR-2007-070 no pdf 2007 Roderick Jansen, An analysis of the Dynastically Optimal Recombinator
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens
INF/SCR-2006-002 no pdf 2006 Mol C.P., Path relinking and uniform crossover An experimental comparison for graph bipartitioning
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens
INF/SCR-2005-056 no pdf 2005 Mahabiersing M., Hybrid Evolutionary Graph Coloring: Modifications to Glass and PrÃŒgel-Bennett's Algorithm
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens
INF/SCR-2005-014 no pdf 2005 Leeuwerik S., Learning Ensembles of TAN-classifiers by Means of a Genetic Algorithm
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens
INF/SCR-2004-35 no pdf 2004 P.C. van Dongen, Generating Classifier Ensembles using Genetic Algorithms
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens
INF/SCR-2001-30 no pdf 2001 Roland Geraerts, Pose Estimation met Evolutionaire Strategieen
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens, prof. dr. Remco Veltkamp (0:0)
INF/SCR-2001-08 no pdf 2001 Geijtenbeek L., Design and analysis of selfadaptive mutation schemes on bitstrings
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens
INF/SCR-2000-08 no pdf 2000 Sepsey Z., Non-linear principal components with autoassociative neural networks
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens
INF/SCR-1998-15 no pdf 1998 Bosman P.A.N., A General Framework And Development Environment For Interactive Visualizations Of Evolutionary Algorithms In Java And Using It To Investigate Recent Optimization Algorithms That Use A Different Approach To Linkage Learning
dr. ir. Dirk Thierens