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Wishnu Prasetya


15 theses
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INF/SCR-2011-058 pdf 2011 Jeiƫl Schalkwijk, Smart Regression Testing with the T2 Testing Framework
dr. Wishnu Prasetya, prof. dr. (em.) Doaitse Swierstra (0:0)
INF/SCR-2011-057 pdf 2011 Ales Sturala, Thesis - Record-based Logging
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2011-055 pdf 2011 Marcelo Barbosa de Sousa, A Framework for Formal Verification of Concurrent Software
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2010-113 no pdf 2010 Ales Sturala,
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2010-112 no pdf 2010 Jeiel Schalkwijk,
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2010-098 no pdf 2010 Christiaan Hees, Strategies for Directed Generation of Test Sequences
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2008-033 no pdf 2008 Xiaoyu Cui, Automated Model-based analysis of Web-based User Interfaces(UIs)
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2008-014 no pdf 2008 Maaike Gerritsen, Extending T2 with Prime Path Coverage Exploration
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2007-105 no pdf 2007 Mark Stobbe, THEMIS: Framework for Automated Testing of Graphical User Interfaces
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2007-055 no pdf 2007 Laurence Cabenda, A load & performance framework for the Conclusion Test Platform
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2007-037 no pdf 2007 Elmar Keij, Static Testing: Using the Weakest Pre-condition Calculus
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2005-058 no pdf 2005 Ivaylo Gochkov, Reliable web applications
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2004-49 no pdf 2004 Gordijn J., A protocol for 'in-flight' simulation
dr. Wishnu Prasetya, Sijnjaa E.
INF/SCR-2004-48 no pdf 2004 Niessen W.G.J., Evaluating Repositories Standards, Techniques and Performance Simulation
dr. Wishnu Prasetya
INF/SCR-2003-48 no pdf 2003 Egberts N., Procesmodellering van Temporele Aspecten in Wet- en Regelgeving
dr. Jurriaan Hage, dr. Wishnu Prasetya (0:0)