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Wolfgang Hürst


7 theses
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INF/SCR-2010-091 no pdf 2010 Willem-Jan Spoel, Hand-tracking based interactions for mobile devices
dr. Wolfgang Hürst, dr. Robby Tan (0:0)
INF/SCR-2010-088 no pdf 2010 Rebecca Grootelaar, Perspective correction for 3D graphics on mobile devices
dr. Wolfgang Hürst
INF/SCR-2010-082 no pdf 2010 Wesley Kok, Positional Audio in 3D Virtual Environments on Mobile Phones
dr. Wolfgang Hürst
INF/SCR-2010-069 no pdf 2010 Cetin Demir, Motivating the elderly with dementia to exercise using an interactive home exerciser
dr. Wolfgang Hürst, dr. ir. Frank van der Stappen (0:0)
INF/SCR-2010-066 no pdf 2010 Casper van Wezel, Gesture-Based Interaction Concepts For Mobile Augmented Reality Applications
dr. Wolfgang Hürst
INF/SCR-2010-051 no pdf 2010 Matthias Helder, VR Environments on Handheld Devices with Applications for Gaming
dr. Wolfgang Hürst
INF/SCR-2009-048 pdf 2009 Jeroen Weijers, Feedback-Oriented Security Analysis
dr. Jurriaan Hage, dr. Wolfgang Hürst (0:0), Stefan Holdermans