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Arjan Egges


15 theses
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INF/SCR-2010-080 no pdf 2010 Sotiris Danos, Dynamical simulation for motion tracking and balance restoration of virtual characters
dr. ir. Arjan Egges
INF/SCR-2010-044 no pdf 2010 Frank van der Bijl, Controlling footstep-based animation using a multi-touch interface
dr. ir. Arjan Egges, dr. ir. Frank van der Stappen (0:0)
INF/SCR-2010-033 no pdf 2010 Jochem van Lierop, Sociale virtuele karakters en het ervaringsprofiel
dr. ir. Arjan Egges
INF/SCR-2010-021 pdf 2010 Carlo Vloet, Progressive Photon Mapping on the Parallel GPU Architecture
dr. ir. Arjan Egges, prof. dr. Mark Overmars (0:0)
INF/SCR-2010-016 pdf 2010 William Cillekens, Dance animation synthesis through the use of footstep driven notation
dr. ir. Arjan Egges
INF/SCR-2010-003 pdf 2010 Timo Veldt, The Effect of Workload on the P300 and Classification Accuracy of a Tactile Brain-Computer Interface
dr. ir. Arjan Egges, dr. ir. Frank van der Stappen, dr. ir. Marieke Thurlings (0:0:0)
INF/SCR-2010-002 no pdf 2009 Raymond Weijermars, Planning natural foot placements for path following
Ben van Basten, MSc, dr. ir. Arjan Egges, dr. ir. Frank van der Stappen (0:0:0)
INF/SCR-2009-069 no pdf 2009 Çağla Çığ, Realistic Emotional Gaze and Head Behavior Generation Based on Arousal and Dominance Factors
dr. ir. Arjan Egges, prof. dr. Mark Overmars (0:0)
INF/SCR-2009-063 pdf 2009 Sybren Stüvel, Stride Space: Humanoid walking animation interpolation using 3D Delaunay databases
dr. ir. Arjan Egges
INF/SCR-2009-038 pdf 2009 Henk van der Velde, Analysis of Combined Navigation and Manipulation Motions using Motion Capture
dr. ir. Arjan Egges
INF/SCR-2008-102 no pdf 2008 Didier Caron, Rhythmic Animations
dr. ir. Arjan Egges, dr. Roland Geraerts (0:0)
INF/SCR-2008-073 pdf 2008 Wijnand van Tol, Real-time 3D crying simulation
dr. ir. Arjan Egges
INF/SCR-2008-060 no pdf 2008 Bob van der Wolk, Performing a manipulation task while navigating: a case study of human motion and behavior
dr. ir. Arjan Egges
INF/SCR-2008-059 no pdf 2008 Rob van der Pol, Using gesture recognition to interact with virtual humans in a CAVE environment
dr. ir. Arjan Egges
INF/SCR-2007-081 no pdf 2007 Sander Smid, Opening Doors: a Study of Motion for Virtual Environments
dr. ir. Arjan Egges