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Roelof van Zwol


3 theses
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author / title / supervisors
INF/SCR-2004-85 no pdf 2004 Jeroen Baas, Query Masonry Structured query formulation from the user point of view
dr. ir. Roelof van Zwol
INF/SCR-2004-42 no pdf 2004 Broek Th. van den, Backing the Right Horse : benchmarking XML editors for text-encoding
dr. ir. Roelof van Zwol
INF/SCR-2004-38 no pdf 2004 Callista A., Content Authoring in an XML-based and Author Friendly Environment : Fact of Fiction ?
prof. dr. J├Ârgen van den Berg, dr. ir. Roelof van Zwol (0:0)