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Roland Geraerts


15 theses
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INF/SCR-2012-033 no pdf 2012 Maarten de Rie, RRT-FT & RRT-TP; New Approaches to Time-based Motion Planning
dr. Roland Geraerts, prof. dr. Marc van Kreveld (0:0)
INF/SCR-2012-031 pdf 2012 Rudi Bonfiglioli, Computing High Resolution Explicit Corridor Maps using Parallel Technologies
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2012-029 pdf 2012 Mark Tibboel, Creating high quality indicative routes in heterogeneous virtual environments
dr. Roland Geraerts, dr. Norman Jaklin (0:0)
INF/SCR-2012-018 pdf 2012 Andrei Cibotaru, Alternative algorithms for computing Explicit Corridor Maps using exact and topology-oriented paradigms
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2012-017 pdf 2012 David Weterings, Path planning for agents with a variable radius and height
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2012-006 pdf 2012 Arne Hillebrand, Separating a polygonal environment into a multi-layered environment
dr. ir. Marjan van den Akker, dr. Roland Geraerts, dr. Han Hoogeveen (0:0:0)
INF/SCR-2011-063 pdf 2011 Arthur van Goethem, A Stream algorithm for crowd simulation to improve crowd coordination at all densities
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2011-037 pdf 2011 Wouter Saaltink, Partitioning polygonal environments into multi-layered environments
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2010-096 no pdf 2010 Wouter van Toll, A navigation mesh for efficient density-based crowd simulation in multi-layered environments
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2009-106 pdf 2009 Corien Prins, Multi-unit pathfinding and column generation
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2008-109 pdf 2008 Ward Kockelkorn, Roadmap construction for regrasping problems
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2008-108 pdf 2008 Erik Schager, Stealth-based path planning in virtual environments
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2008-102 no pdf 2008 Didier Caron, Rhythmic Animations
dr. ir. Arjan Egges, dr. Roland Geraerts (0:0)
INF/SCR-2008-003 no pdf 2008 Jeff Ouwerkerk, Path planning for coherent groups using the Corridor Map Method
dr. Roland Geraerts
INF/SCR-2006-059 no pdf 2006 Olaf Jansen, Path Planning with Scripts
dr. Roland Geraerts, drs. Arno Kamphuis (0:0)