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Mehdi Dastani


12 theses
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INF/SCR-2011-016 no pdf 2011 Erik Berbee, Using 2opl for the evaluation of Business Rules
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani
INF/SCR-2010-103 no pdf 2011 Jan Nieuwenhuis, Planconflictresolutie in agentgeorieenteerd programmeren met behulp van argumentatietheorie
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani, prof. dr. mr. Henry Prakken (0:0)
INF/SCR-2010-070 no pdf 2010 Leon van Wijk, Implementing Goal Types and Goal Relations in 2APL
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani
INF/SCR-2010-008 pdf 2010 Aycan Adal, An interpreter for organization oriented programming language (2OPL)
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani
INF/SCR-2009-085 pdf 2009 Pieter Huibers, Emotional Agents - an Implementation in 2APL
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani, prof. dr. John-Jules Meyer (0:0)
INF/SCR-2009-067 no pdf 2009 Michal Cap, Belief/Goal Sharing BDI Modules
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani, Maaike Harbers
INF/SCR-2008-072 no pdf 2008 Jasper Siebelink, Hierarchical Task Networks in a dynamic real time multi-agent environment
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani, drs. Arno Kamphuis (0:0)
INF/SCR-2007-015 no pdf 2007 J.Brandsema en A. Dubel, Debugging agent and multi-agent systems
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani
INF/SCR-2006-058 no pdf 2006 Eelco Verschoor, Specification of agent organizations in terms of REO
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani, dr. Frank Dignum (0:0)
INF/SCR-2005-067 no pdf 2005 Hobo D., Working title: A Practical Agent Programming Language
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani
INF/SCR-2003-04 no pdf 2003 Verbeek M., 3APL as Programming Language for Cognitive Robots
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani, dr. Marco Wiering (0:0)
INF/SCR-2003-02 no pdf 2003 Eric ten Hoeve, 3APL platform
prof. dr. Mehdi Dastani