Wetenschappelijke Onderzoeksmethoden (INFOWO)

Structure of the course

The module comprises three tracks that are related: research methods, inferential statistics and a practical track with parts of a research project. The module has three types of weekly sessions: lectures, practicums and instruction classes.


Each week we present two lectures of two hours each:


The weekly practicum meetings are mandatory, since they are essential to support the execution of the practical track. In the practical track we will look at formulating a research problem and research questions, searching and reviewing literature, constructing and performing a survey, followed by an analysis of the data and reporting of the results. In the practical track the methods track and the statistics track are combined into an actual research project. During the weekly practicum meetings the teaching assistants will provide feedback and discuss the partial deliverables for this track. Due to time and room capacity constraints we plan to set up a timeschedule for these feedback appointments. You ghave to be present during the feedback appointment of your team.

The penalty for not attending the practicum appointments are as follows:

  1. First time: you receive a warning.
  2. Second time: You get one penalty point on the grade of the main deliverable P1 or P2.
  3. More than two times: You have to complete the remaining deliverables on your own.

A detailed description of the set-up of the practical track is provided in the instructions for the workshops (will be available soon...).

Instruction classes

The instruction classes are provided to facilitate self-study for the students. During the instruction classes students can get advice from the student-assistants on the use of SPSS and on a selection of exercises for the statistics and methods tracks.


The mandatory literature for this course consists of two books: