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Note: the seminar is (re-)scheduled for 2003/2004.

Seminar kick off

No. Date Subject Paper(s) Speaker
1 dd-mm-yy Seminar set up no paper the instructor
Introduction cluster I [kleinberg99web]
the instructor

Cluster I: Modeling the Web graph

No. Date Subject Paper(s) Speaker Respondent
2 dd-mm-yy Simulation [floyd01difficulties] 1 resp.
Modeling topology [calvert97modeling]
2 resp.
3 dd-mm-yy Dynamics of site visits [huberman97novelty] 1 resp.
Web metrics [watts98collective]
2 resp.
4 dd-mm-yy Power-laws [faloutsos99power] 1 resp.
Scaling [barabasi99emergence]
2 resp.
5 dd-mm-yy Modeling the WWW [kumar99extracting]t/m sect.3 1 resp.
Graph structure [kumar00web]
2 resp.
6 dd-mm-yy Origin of power-laws [medina00origin] 1 resp.
Topology generation [medina01brite] 2 resp.
7 dd-mm-yy Topology generation [jin00inet] 1 resp.
Topology analysis [vukadinovic01spectral] 2 resp.
8 dd-mm-yy [fabrikant02trade] 1 resp.
Degree vs. structure [tangmunarunkit02network] 2 resp.

Cluster II: Management of resources on the Web

No. Date Subject Paper(s) Speaker Respondent
9 dd-mm-yy Introduction cluster II [henzinger00retrieval]
the instructor no respondent
Crawling [chakrabarti99focused] 2 resp.
10 dd-mm-yy Search: HITS [kleinberg98hits] 1 resp.
Search: PageRank [brin98anatomy]
2 resp.
11 dd-mm-yy Indexing [dean99finding] 1 resp.
Indexing [henzinger99measuring] 2 resp.
12 dd-mm-yy Communities [flake00efficient] 1 resp.
Communities [kumar99trawling]
2 resp.
13 dd-mm-yy Clustering [zamir98web] 1 resp.
Classification [glover02using] 2 resp.
14 dd-mm-yy Navigation [kleinberg00small]
1 resp.
Global computing [vahdat96turning] 2 resp.
15 dd-mm-yy Java-based global computing [alexandrov97super]
1 resp.
Grid technology [foster01anatomy]
2 resp.

Seminar closing

No. Date Subject
16 dd-mm-yy Poster presentation