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Poster design and presentation

The poster

Pairs of students should design a conference-style poster on one of the topics discussed in this seminar. The poster should be `eye-catching' and relevant to the research area of 'web modeling'. All materials are allowed.
The poster should be presented during the scheduled poster session. Drinks and audience will be arranged.

Possible topics for the poster presentation

  1. Web graph metrics
  2. Power laws
  3. Small-worlds
  4. Scaling characteristics
  5. Hierarchical graph models
  6. Evolving graph models (alpha)
  7. Degree based graph models (BRITE,Inet)
  8. Heuristically optimized trade-offs
  9. Web crawling
  10. Web indexing
  11. HITS
  12. PageRank
  13. Communities on the web
  14. Classification
  15. Global computation
  16. Grid technology

Other topics are allowed. All topics should be approved by the instructor (prof. J. van Leeuwen).

Information about designing effective posters

Designing a good poster is not so easy! We recommend that you read something about it. A good page to begin with can be found in the Science & Engineering Library of the State University of New York at Buffalo.