Scheduling and Timetabling

Required foreknowledge

In fact, I will explain all techniques during the course, but I hope that you are familiar with algorithms. You do not need any programming skills (you do not have write computer programs). People who want to get familiar with LP-theory can take a look at the website of Optimalisering (contents in Dutch). The important points are If you want to know more about Network algorithms (shortest path, max flow, min cost max flow), then please contact me beforehand (there are a number of websites that I can suggest).


Handouts, which will appear on the web.


An overview of the lectures can be found by clicking on the link Course schedule in the menu on the left. This is a tentative schedule: I have just adjusted the schedule of last year. In principle, the same topics will be dealt with, but I will include new results in the course.

In total, I have scheduled six hours for lecturing:

I will hardly use the first on Friday; I will announce it beforehand.


You have to present a talk of at most 25 minutes (including time for questions and discussion) on a relevant subject; in case of doubt, you can contact me. If you mail me the subject beforehand, then I might cluster talks with similar subjects.

I want to use three different days for the presentations (two parallel sessions): Friday, June 20, Wednesday, June 25, and Friday, June 27. On all days, we will have two parellel sessions (unless we decide differently).

Oral examinations

The actual oral examination will last something like 60 minutes, but you will get some questions immediately before the start of the examination that you can prepare (and will be questioned about later). The examinations will take place in the exam week (if necessary, these can take place in the week before that as well). You will have to make an appointment.

Take-home assignments

Once-in-a-while, you will get an assignment; in total four or five. These will appear on the website and on the news.

Computation final grade

The final grade is computed as 0.25  ×  your score on the presentation + 0.25  ×  your score on the take-home assignments + 0.5  ×  your score on the oral examination.
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