Research assignment: research topic

Note that the presentation sessions are mandatory.
List of topics:
  1. Any topic you suggest
  2. Cellular automata and simulation
  3. Parallel and distributed simulation
  4. Petri nets
  5. Continuous simulation
  6. Simulation-based planning
  7. Simulation on graphs
  8. Simuation and smart grids
  9. Simulation models for intelligent agents
  10. Simulation and energy markets
  11. Simulation for large infra-structure projects
  12. Simulation to analyze or prevent disasters
  13. Simulation for maintenace planning
  14. Simulation in distribution logistics
  15. Simulation in manufacturing
  16. Simulation in agricultural application
  17. Simulation for financial markets
  18. Simulation in economics
  19. Simulation in public transport (rail, bus, aircraft) may be split
  20. (Road) Traffic flow simulation
  21. Climate and simulation
  22. Simulation in telecommunication or computer networks!! (wired)
  23. Simulation on wireless networks
  24. Simulation of hospital logistics
  25. Simulation for forecasting (outbreaks of) diseases