Mandatory material:


Probabilistic Reasoning, authors: L.C. van der Gaag and S. Renooij (version history).
Available online [pdf].


Studymanual Probabilistic Reasoning, author: S. Renooij (version history)

In case of guest lectures, the relevant material (slides and/or papers) will be provided in the class schedule. For these lectures you should understand the global ideas presented, and their relation to the standard course material.

Course slides:

Although the syllabus covers all subjects, some are discussed in more detail in the course slides (version history). You should be familiar with these additional details.

Additional material:

For those seeking additional material, I recommend the following:

Further viewing

Further reading

 J. Pearl
 Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems: Networks of Plausible Inference
 Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1988.
 M. Studený
 On Probabilistic Conditional Independence Structures
 Information Science and Statistics, 2005.