Mandatory material:


Probabilistic Reasoning, authors: L.C. van der Gaag and S. Renooij (version history).
Available in paper or pdf from A-Eskwadraat, and online [pdf].

Special-topics papers

One or two lectures may be devoted to special topics beyond the scope of the syllabus. This is indicated in the course schedule. For 2018-2019 the following papers are relevant for the special-topics lecture(s):


Studymanual Probabilistic Reasoning, author: S. Renooij (version history)

Course slides:

Although the syllabus covers all subjects, except the special topics, some are discussed in more detail in the course slides (version history). You should be familiar with these additional details.

Optional material:

For those seeking additional material, we recommend the following:

Further viewing

Further reading

 J. Pearl
 Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems: Networks of Plausible Inference
 Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1988.
 M. Studený
 On Probabilistic Conditional Independence Structures
 Information Science and Statistics, 2005.