The final grade (GRD) is based on the marks given for each of the group assignments and for the individual assignment (paper and powerpoint presentation). Both the average of the grades for the group assignments (WPx) and the grade for the individual assignment (IND) should be more than 5.5. The final grade is calculated, using the following formula:


The presentation will also be evaluated; the grades of the presentation (0-2 points) and paper (0-8 points) will be combined to a grade of 0-10 points, representing the IND score.

Grades for group assignments

Group WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 Total

Grades for individual assignment (max 10 punten), group assignment,  total, and final grade: 

Studentnr paper (plus evnt bonus)
(scale 0-8)
(scale 0-2)
(scale 0-10)
total grade final grade