Sound And Music Technology (INFOMSMT) 2017-2018


Module A

Lecture 1: Introduction to sound and music technology

Lecture 2: Introduction: Music, sound and games

Lecture 3: Games: Sound and music for interactivity and immersion

Lecture 4: Sound and music for serious games

Module B

Lecture 5: Introduction basic audio feature extraction

Lecture 6: Music segmentation

Lecture 7: Audio features extraction for corpus analysis

(Lecture 8: Adaptive music in gaming: listed thematically under Module C)

Lecture 9: Complex audio feature extraction: Transcription

Lecture 10: Symbolic music features: Rhythm and meter

Lecture 11: Symbolic music features extraction: Melody and harmony

Lecture 12: Classification of similar musical objects

Module C

Lecture 8: Adaptive music in gaming

Lecture 13: Automatic music generation and manipulation

Lecture 14: Guest lecture: Film music functions in game music?

Lecture 15: Sound and music for games