Sound And Music Technology (INFOMSMT) 2016-2017

Important dates

Will be regularly updated…

Date What to do
Wednesday 16 Nov, 11.00 p.m. Submit example of movie or game where music enhances/alters the meaning, enter into Google Drive of the course, folder "Film/Game examples"
Monday 21 Nov, 10.00 a.m. Choose article for presentation (see papers listed in the week by week guide ), enter into Google Drive of the course, folder "Schedule for student presentations"
Tue 6 Dec, midnight Submit project proposal, upload to Google drive (see instructions and example proposal )
Friday 9 Dec Deadline for subscribing to individual discussions of project proposals, taking place on Tuesday 13 Dec. Choose time slot for your group here.
Tuesday 31 Jan, 13:15-16:45 p.m. Project presentations in Ruppert C
Thursday 02 Feb, 23:59 Upload of final reports and presentation slides of projects to Google drive