Hans Philippi (, BBL 563,  06 30808983.


This course will be taught as a seminar. We will study the course material together. Traditionally, every participant gives at least one presentation.

Every participant studies the relevant parts of the literature in advance. Two of the students will take care of the presentations for that day. These presentations will be based on questions that are mailed to the speaker and the teacher. Because everybody knows what the story is about, the speakers focus on the questions and possibly hard topics.

Kind request for email subject format: if you mail a question for a session, let's say 2, please use  MQR question 2. Send the questions for the session to both speakers. Always cc the teacher. The deadlines are: Thursday 13:00 for the Monday presentation and Monday 13:00 for the Wednesday talks.


The first four sessions deal with the classical knowledge with respect to query processing. We will refer to the textbook of the basic course on Database Systems during recent years: Database Systems, the complete book (2nd ed) by Garcia-Molina, Widom and Ullman. You might buy this book (it's a bargain), but it will be used only during session 1-4. You might also lend/hire it from a current second/third year student.

For the later sessions, the papers will be available online. The sessions about Big Data are based on the (free!) book by Leskovic, Rajaraman and Ullman.


During the last two weeks of this course, you will be working on a paper.

Examination (adapted for 2014)

The final grade is calculated as the weighted average of the following partial results:

To get a final result of 6 or higher, each of the partial results should be at least 5.

To be a candidate for re-examination, your overall average grade should at least be 4.