Lecturer: prof. dr Arno Siebes

The Course

In this course we study different ways to battle the pattern explosion by reading and discussing the original research papers that introduced these methods. It is a tough course, you are expected to read up on mathematics you haven't seen before. But it is also a fun course, if (like me) you think that thinking very hard is fun.


  • [20-06] The class meetings are over, but you still might have questions about the essay you have to hand in. To help you I hold three office hour sessions
    • june 21, 16 - 18 (I have a meeting during the regular class time)
    • june 23, 11 - 13
    • june 28, 13 - 15
    The location is BBG 5.62, you can drop by without any appointment during the hours mentioned.
  • [24-04] The first class meeting is on April 26, during that meeting we'll discuss the organisation of the course, what you'll be expected to do during the course and how you will be examined. From May 3 onward your expected to have read the assigned papers wich will then be discussed in class.
    • The slides of the introductory lecture are here
  • Note, that there are no classes on
    • [28-04] To give you time to start downloading papers, read them and think them over, as well as to give me time t read and grade essays submitted for the Big Data course
    • [[05-05] Liberation Day, the university is closed
    • [17-05] One of the professor's PhD students will defend his thesis this afternoon
    • [[26-5] The university is closed the day after ascension day