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There are two lectures each week: Wednesday 15.15-17.00 hrs and Friday 13.15-15.00 hrs. In the planning below, lecture 46A is the Wednesday lecture in week 46 etc. There are Computer Lab sessions (C) in weeks 47-49 on Friday, 11.00-12.45 hrs.

"James" refers to the book An introduction to statistical learning with applications in R by Gareth James et al., Springer, 2013.
"Hastie" refers to the book The elements of statistical learning (2nd edition) by Trevor Hastie et al., Springer 2009.

Video's and slides accompanying the book of James et al.

Lecture Subject/Slides Literature Exercises/Background
46A Introduction; Statistical Learning; (extra slides) James, Chapters 1-2 Chapter 2, Exercises 1-7
46C No Computer Lab (Open Day)    
46B No Lecture (Open Day)    
47A Linear Regression James, Chapter 3  
47C Computer Lab   Introduction
47B Linear Regression (continued)
Derivation of Least Squares Estimates
James, Chapter 3 Chapter 3, Exercises 1,3,4 and 6
48A Classification (extra slides)
Derivation of Linear Discriminant Function
James, Chapter 4 Chapter 4, Exercises 3,5,6,7,8
48C Computer Lab   Work on assignment 1
48B Linear Model Selection and Regularization
(extra slides)
James, Chapter 6 Chapter 6, Exercises 1-4
49A Neural Networks
Hastie, Chapter 11  
49C Computer Lab   Work on assignment 1
49B Neural Networks (continued)
Hastie, Chapter 11  
50A Support Vector Machines
(extra slides)
(Derivation of distance to decision boundary)
James, Chapter 9 Chapter 9, Exercises 1-3
50B Exam Statistical Pattern Recognition
Friday, 13.15-14.45 hrs, Ruppert A and Ruppert Rood

The schedule for the geometric part of pattern recognition is given below. Slides are the 2016 versions unless it says (new). Slides may be updated throughout the lecture series.

Lecture Subject/Slides Literature Exercises/Background
51A Geometric PR Intro; Data; Project start
Slides Intro (new), Slides Data (new)
Project Project distribution; presence mandatory!
51B At 11:00(!) in Ruppert A
Geometric Description; Measures and Metrics
Slides Description (new), Slides Measures (new)
Note: 2 hours earlier
52A No Lectures    
52B No Lectures    
1A No Lectures    
1B No Lectures    
2A Tools
Slides Tools (new)
Video 1
Video 2
17.00-18.00: Lecturer available for project questions
2B Point matching
Slides Point matching (new)
11.00-13.00: Lecturer available for project questions (BBG 416)
3A Trajectory Patterns (new)
Slides Trajectories
3B Visual Analytics
Slides Visual Analytics
  Test Questions for exam, GPR part
For previous exams, see elsewhere on this site
4A Project presentations (by students):
Iris Scans
Fingerprint Patterns
Crime Patterns
OCR for Kanji
Leadership Patterns in Trajectories
Pedestrian Movement Patterns
Maritime Traffic Patterns
Cloud Patterns
Geological Patterns
  Presence mandatory!
4B Project presentations (by students):
Star Patterns in Astronomy
Music Score Patterns
Plant and Tree Patterns
Seismic Patterns
Watershed patterns
Street Network Patterns
Map Digitization Patterns
Patterns in Archaeology
  Presence mandatory!
5 Exam Geometric Pattern Recognition
Friday Feb. 2, 2018, 13.30-15.30