For the part of the course on statistical pattern recognition, we will use the book An introduction to statistical learning by Gareth James et al. (Video's and slides accompanying the book of James et al.)
We also discuss one chapter from the book The elements of statistical learning by Trevor Hastie et al.

The required literature of the first part of the course consists of:

  1. The lecture slides
  2. The following parts of the book of James et al.:
         Chapters 1-4, Chapter 5 (except section 5.2), Chapter 6 (except section 6.3).
         Chapter 9 (except section 9.5).
  3. The following chapter of the book of Hastie et al.:
         Chapter 11, except section 11.2.

The following article on Deep Learning is highly recommended as background reading for chapter 11 of Hastie et al.
It is not part of the required literature. For an introduction to convolutional neural networks, we recommend reading the
relevant parts of this chapter. It is not part of the required literature.