Note that the Geometric Pattern Recognition part of the course has been redesigned in 2015/2016. Older exam questions on this part are not representative and may concern different topics than discussed in 2015/2016.

For the part on Statistical Pattern Recognition, we use the book of James et al. and the book of Hastie et al. for the first time this year. Hence, the old exams are not completely representative for what you can expect this year. Also the notation has changed.
For the exam on statistical pattern recognition, it is allowed to bring 1 A4 sheet with notes written (or printed) on both sides.
It is also allowed to bring a (graphical) calculator.

Example exams:

  1. Exam Geometric PR, January 2016 and exam Geometric PR, March 2016. Only these two are representative!
  2. Exam Statistical Pattern Recognition of January 27, 2016. (Solutions)
  3. Exam of March 13, 2015. (Solutions to Part A)
  4. Exam of January 30, 2015.
  5. Exam of January 27, 2014. (Solutions to Part A)
  6. Exam of January 28, 2013. (Solutions to Part A)
  7. Example Geometrical Pattern Recognition exam with sketch of solutions
  8. Exam of January 31, 2011. (Solutions to Part A)
  9. Exam of February 2, 2012.