Lecturers: Ad Feelders and Zerrin Yumak.
Teaching assistant: Steven Langerwerf.
For lecture rooms, look at the official course page.

Latest news:

  1. [May 2, 2019] Final grades after processing of the retake are available here.
  2. [Feb 25, 2019] Final grades are available here.
  3. [Feb 11, 2019] Grades of the written exam are available here. Short answers to Q1-Q3 can be found here.
  4. [Jan 24, 2019] Grades of the first practical assignment are available here.
  5. [Jan 21, 2019] The deadline for the final assignment reports is postponed to 27 January Sunday 23:59. That is a strict deadline!
  6. [Jan 21, 2019] Final presentations will take place on 23 Jan Wednesday and 25 Jan Friday (as earlier mentioned in RNN slides). Teams 1 to 7 will present on 23rd and Teams 8 to 14 will present on 25th. Attendance is mandatory for all team members on the day they present. e.g. Teams 1-7 must attend on Wednesday but they are not obliged to attend on Friday (although it is strongly encouraged). Duration of presentations is 12 mins including Q&A.
  7. [Jan 17, 2019] Sample exam questions regarding deep learning are online.
  8. [Jan 11, 2019] Regarding the exam questions related with the deep learning part of the course, some tips will be given on the website next week. Stay tuned!
  9. [Jan 11, 2019] There will be two guest talks on Wednesday 16 January. Guest talks are part of the required course material. Please attend!
  10. [Jan 3, 2019] There will be no lecture on 9 Jan, Wednesday! Next lecture will be on 11 Jan, Friday. Please see the schedule!
  11. [Dec 12, 2018] Presentations for Assignment 2 will take place on 19 and 21 December. Teams 1-8 will present on 19 December and Teams 9-15 will present on 21 December. All team members should attend! Each team will have around 8-10 mins for the presentation.
  12. [Dec 10, 2018] Detailed required literature for book of Bishop added.
  13. [Dec 10, 2018] Slight change to the project groups!
  14. [Dec 5, 2018] Final list of groups for the project assignment can be found here.
  15. [Dec 4, 2018] Groups for the project (Assignment 2) are announced. You will also receive an email from your TA about the contact info of your team members. If you are not taking the course, please inform us asap so that we can update the groups. All groups will be finalized tomorrow morning!
  16. [Nov 30, 2018] Make your project assignment groups latest on Monday December 3. After this date, we will put you in groups and announce on the website.
  17. [Nov 29, 2018] For the project assignment (Assignment 2), you can make teams following this link. In case of questions, send an email to S.T.Langerwerf@uu.nl
  18. [Nov 7, 2018] This website is under construction.