Lecturers: Ad Feelders and Zerrin Yumak.
Teaching assistant: Steven Langerwerf.
For lecture rooms, look at the official course page.

Latest news:

  1. [March 18, 2020] Exam Pattern Recognition of Friday, January 31, 2020. (Short Answers to Q1-3)
  2. [Jan 16, 2020] Project presentation plan is online. Deadline for the project reports is extended to 27 January Monday 23:59.
  3. [Dec 18, 2019] Deadline for the project proposal is extended till 23 December Monday 23:59.
  4. [Dec 3, 2019] The lecture of Wednesday, December 4, has been cancelled.
  5. [Nov 19, 2019] You can make teams of 4-5 students for the project assignment (Assignment 2). To make the groups, you must fill in this form. If you cannot make a team of 5 students, you can still fill in the form and your TA will assign you to groups. For any questions, please send an email to S.T.Langerwerf@uu.nl. Deadline to fill in the form is 25 Nov 2019 Monday.
  6. [Nov 7, 2019] This website is under construction.