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28 Jan 17, 01:01:00
Presentation of the second assignment
Monday (30 January), you need to present the second assignment. There are 9 groups, and we have 90 minutes in total. I would suggest to follow the following 10-minute agenda per group: discuss problem (1) and solution (1), give a live demo of your game (4), questions and answers (2), receiving feedback (1), change team (1). You can use the feedback to improve your report and game. You will not get a grade for this performance. Please try to make it pleasurable and educational for your audience.

25 Jan 17, 09:01:00
Grades abstracts 38, 39, and missing abstracts
I have put the grades of abstracts 38 and 39 online.

Note that you cannot pass this course when 6 or more abstracts are missing. (When you gave a presentation, you did not have to hand in an abstract.) You can still submit missing abstarcts in this case this week.

24 Jan 17, 03:01:00
Course evaluation
The Path Planning course can now be evaluated via Caracal. Could you please fill in this questionaire?

24 Jan 17, 02:01:00
Grades abstracts 30, 31, 36, 37
I have put the grades of abstracts 30, 31, 36, 37 online.

17 Jan 17, 08:01:00
Grades abstracts 22-24, 26
I have put the grades of abstracts 22 through 24, and 26 online.

09 Jan 17, 09:01:00
Grades abstracts 17 - 20
I have put the grades of abstracts 17 through 20 online.

20 Dec 16, 08:12:00
Grades abstracts 34 and 35
I have put the grades of abstracts 34 and 35 online.

14 Dec 16, 02:12:00
Grades abstracts 12 and 13, and second assignment
I have put the grades of abstracts 12 and 13 online.

If you have not started with the second assignment, it is advisable to start now. Please note again, if you have questions or remarks about the plug-in, you are free to stop by at BBG 4.19 (the office of Angelos Kremyzas and Wouter van Toll) on Wednesdays between 11.00 and 12.45, starting from December 14. Also, you can post messages on our slack channel.

12 Dec 16, 07:12:00
Grades abstracts 8 and 9
I have put the grades of abstracts 8 and 9 online.

You can get personal feedback from me. Please ask before, during, or just after our meetings (preferaby), or drop by at my office.

05 Dec 16, 08:12:00
Grades abstracts 6 and 7
I have put the grades of abstracts 6 and 7 online.

If you have been graded an o, s, or g, you usually can improve by adding more points (positive remarks as well as critical points). Also, try to add lots of remarks on the experiments (see the slides on Experimental research for examples). Note that the assessment is the most imporant part (yields 95 percent of your grade), so spend enough time on this part.

30 Nov 16, 09:11:00
Grades abstracts 4 and 5, and group assignment
I have put the grades online, as well as the groups for assignment 2. (The latter ones can be found on the second tab - Groups Assignment 2.)

29 Nov 16, 03:11:00
Preparation for assignment 2
I have put some information online about how you can prepare for assignment 2, see the new sub-section How to get started.

Tomorrow (30 Nov), we will make groups for this assignment (if you have not done so already).

28 Nov 16, 01:11:00
Your movies, presentations and grades are online, as well as the presentation on presentations
I have put your movies, presentations and grades of the first assignment online.

In addition, you can find the slides on giving presentations in the Schedule section. Thanks for your active participation in this workshop.

01 Dec 16, 08:12:00
Do not forget to bring your printed Abstracts (paper assessments) of papers 4 and 5 next Wednesday (30 November), unless you are one of the speakers.

16 Nov 16, 12:11:00
Presentations of the first two meetings are online
You can find the presentations of the first two meetings on the Path planning website.

I did not have time to discuss many errors that appear in papers, but I invite you to browse through the slides (Experimental research) yourself. It contains many types of errors that appear in research papers, so it can help you with writing the assessments and paper presentations.

14 Nov 16, 01:11:00
Discussion tool Slack
As suggested by a student, let us use Slack for discussions et cetera. I have sent an invitation to you. If you have not received an invitation, please send me an email with your preferred e-mail address.

14 Nov 16, 01:11:00
Paper assignments and student pairs
The papers have been assigned. The assignment can be found on the webpage. If you want to change something (e.g. change your paper with someone else's paper, partner, or date), arrange this by yourself and the students involved, and let me know the result.

The paper has to be presented in a pair. It is logical that you also work in this composition for the first assignment.

12 Nov 16, 08:11:00
The website is ready for the 2016/2017 edition
The website of the Path planning course has been updated for the 2016/2017 edition.

We performed crowd simulations of the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Utrecht.