INFOMMOB (Mobile Interaction)

This is the website for the upcoming course on Mobile Interaction in the GMT, HCI, and MBI master programs.

Details will be posted here later. Students who are interested and consider taking this course are encouraged to browse last year's website (if you want access to the slides, sent an email to

Some changes may apply, but the basic content and approach will stay the same. That is:

There are no specific requirements for partaking in this course. Programming skills come in handy for the projects but are not essential (you have some influence into topic selection; thus, we can pick a subject that fits your skills and interests; you might not even need to program at all).

For formalities (time, dates, etc.) and registration, please check the official CS website of the course and OSIRIS (you find the link on the CS site). If you have any related questions, please email them to