3rd quarter, 2016/2017, timeslot A, 7.5 ECTS [CS site | OSIRIS]
INFOMMMI: Multimodal Interaction

Lecturers: Wolfgang Hürst (WWW, Email), Peter Werkhoven (WWW, Email)

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In the second part of this course, students will implement a project related to multimodal interaction and perception and do a related user study. In addition, you will participate in some user studies performed by some of your fellow GMT students doing master theses and small projects that are related to the course's topic.

(same password as ususal)
  • Slides from the lecture on March 1, 2017: PDF
  • Literature on how to do experimental research: Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 8
  • Note: if you didn't get one of the copies of the book chapters that I handed out in the lecture on March 1, you can drop by my office to get one.
  • Word template for deliverable 1 (project plan): DOC
    Deadline: Saturday, March 11, 6am
  • Word template for deliverable 2 (project report): DOC
    Deadline: Saturday, April 8, 6am
  • Form that will be used for the report grading: PDF
    Please make sure to also refer to the slides above (from the lecture on March 1) for further comments on the grading procedure and criteria!
  • Project pitch presentations will take place on Wednesday, March 8.
    Each group has 5 minutes to present their idea, followed by 5 minutes of discussion.
  • Final project presentations will (likely) take place on Wednesday, April 12
    Details will be announced later
  • Final project meetings will take place after the presentations on March 8.
    Details will be announced later