PERIODE 3, 2013/2014, timeslot A, 7.5 ECTS [CS site | OSIRIS]
INFOMMMI: Multimodal Interaction

Lecturers: Wolfgang Hürst (WWW, Email), Peter Werkhoven (WWW, Email)

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SCHEDULE (preliminary, minor changes may apply)   

Date Lectures (use same pwd as for the papers to access the slides) Practicals
Mon, 03 Feb Lecture Introduction (W. Hürst, P. Werkhoven)
[slides (pdf):

Wed, 05 Feb Lecture Human perception (P. Werkhoven)
[slides (pdf):
1a - Hearing & 2D Vision,
1b - 3D vision & Touch]
Study: Goldstein, and papers 1-5
Mon, 10 Feb Lecture Multisensory perception & VR technology (P. Werkhoven)
[slides (pdf):
2a - Multimodal Perception,
2b - VR Technology & Applications]
Study: papers 6-11
Wed, 12 Feb Lecture VR human factors & emerging technologies (P. Werkhoven)
[slides (pdf):
3a - VR Human Factors,
3b - Emerging Technologies]
Study: papers 12-13, select games
Mon, 17 Feb Lecture Memory and navigation (Albert Postma, UU)
[slides (pdf):
4 - Multi Sensory Spatial Memory]
Study: self selected games
Wed, 19 Feb 9.00-12.00 Visit to TNO, talks & demos (J. v. Erp, TNO)

Sun, 23 Feb
8.00 Deadline for submitting essays via email to Peter Werkhoven
Mon, 24 Feb
Essay presentations (all groups attend & present)
Wed, 26 Feb No lecture today (time for midterm exam preparation)
Mon, 03 Mar Questions and Answers (P. Werkhoven
Intro practicals part 2 (W. Hürst)
Wed, 05 Mar Midterm exam (11.00-13.00, Ruppert Blauw)
(covering part 1 of this course)
Start forming groups, brainstorming ideas, and work on project plan
Mon, 10 Mar (herkansing week 2nd quarter; no lecture)
Wed, 12 Mar (herkansing week 2nd quarter; no lecture)
Mon, 17 Mar Lecture Introduction (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Introduction]
23.59 Deadline for project plan
Wed, 19 Mar Lecture topic TBD (W. Hürst)
Lecture Mobile interaction (I): Touch (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Touch]
Mon, 24 Mar Lecture Mobile interaction (II): Tilt (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Tilt (part 1), Tilt (part 2)]

Wed, 26 Mar Lecture: Mobile interaction (III): Track (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Track]

Mon, 31 Mar Lecture Mobile AR (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Mobile AR]

Wed, 02 Apr Lecture Mobile VR (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Mobile VR, Conclusion]

Mon, 07 Apr No lecture
(time to visit Indievelopment 2014)
23.59 Deadline for project report
Wed, 09 Apr
Project presentations & meetings (meetings might be on Thu, too)
Mon, 14 Apr Final exam (08:30-10:30, EDUC-GAMMA)
(covering part 2 of this course)

Mon, 26 May Retake exam (08:30-10:30, BBL-169)
(covering part 1 and 2)