PERIODE 3, 2013/2014, timeslot A, 7.5 ECTS [CS site | OSIRIS]
INFOMMMI: Multimodal Interaction

Lecturers: Wolfgang Hürst (WWW, Email), Peter Werkhoven (WWW, Email)

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Interaction is one of the most important aspects of games and simulations. For example, you can create games without sounds. Or games with no visuals. But a game without interaction? Not really. And apart from faster and better graphics, maybe the most important technological achievements in game development in recent years have been related to advanced and new interaction styles. Think of the Nintendo Wii's motion-based controller, the XBox Kinect's human body tracking, or the tilt- and touch-based input used for handheld gaming. Compared to traditional controllers, these new ways for human-computer interaction often create a more natural and engaging gaming experience by using multiple modalities that are also characteristic for communications between humans. In this course, we will take a closer look at all kinds of multimodal interaction including the related relevant theoretical background, e.g. about human perception. The lectures will be accompanied by a practical part where students experience and evaluate serious games and simulations, and develop a system themselves. For more information about content, procedure, and formal issues please refer to the description page.


apr 17, 2014 [wolfgang]

The course is over and results have been sent to all participants (check your student email account's inbox). I hope you enjoyed it and that the ones who didn't make it yet will do so after the retake (which is scheduled for May 26; see further details in the email with your results).

apr 4, 2014 [wolfgang]

One of you made me aware that in some slides overlaying images are hiding some text. I updated the files in the schedule. In particular, slides for lectures 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 (only part 2), 2-5, and 2-6 have been corrected. Yet, in most cases, these are only minor things, so in case you printed them, there's no need to do so again.

apr 2, 2014 [wolfgang]

Slides from today's lecture are online. Keep in mind that there is no lecture on Monday (instead: time to visit Indievelopment 2014, work on your projects, or prepare for the exam). The schedule for your presentations next Wednesday and the project meetings on Wednesday or Thursday can be found in the conclusion slides. Be reminded that attendance of all team members is mandatory (after all, it makes 25% of your grade, so not showing up is kind of like not coming to an exam).

mar 31, 2014 [wolfgang]

Slides from today's lecture are online. Please remember to email me your preferred date for the project meetings (Wed, 9.4. or Thu, 10.4.) by today because I have to arrange the rooms. Thanks! If you don't email, I'll just assign you to either of these dates. Btw, I forgot to say it in class today, but there will be no further mandatory reading papers for the remaining two lectures.

mar 26, 2014 [wolfgang]

Slides from today's lecture and links to the mandatory reading are online (slides on tilting are listed in the Monday slot on the schedule).

mar 24, 2014 [wolfgang]

The slides from today's lecture can be downloaded via the schedule page. And the paper for mandatory reading is online, too.

mar 19, 2014 [wolfgang]

The slides from today's lecture can be downloaded via the schedule page (same password as usual). And the paper for mandatory reading is online, too.

mar 17, 2014 [wolfgang]

The slides from today's lecture can be downloaded via the schedule page (same password as usual). Notice that the last ones contain some comments on literature and the final exam.

mar 3, 2014 [wolfgang]

The schedule and information about the practicals of part 2 has been updated (including templates for project plan and report).

feb 23, 2014 [wolfgang]

All slides from part 1 are now also available for download via the schedule, which was also updated (no event on Wednesday, February 26, and short intro into the practicals of part 2 on Monday, March 3)

feb 3, 2014 [wolfgang]

The slides from today's lecture can now be downloaded under Schedule. The slides from the following lectures (part 1 done by Peter) will be sent by email.

New students who missed today's lecture due to their introduction event, don't worry; you can still join the course. Please have a look at the slides and come to the lecture next Wednesday where we can give you further infos. Make sure you are registered to the course so you get all related emails though. If you need the password to access the slides, let me know. (The same holds for "old" students who missed today's lecture and still want to join the course.)

jan 31, 2014 [wolfgang]

The course will start with a lecture on Monday, February 3rd. Notice that we consider attendance to the lectures mandatory even if we do not explicitly check it. It is particularly important to be present in the first one, so we can make the group assignment for the practicals.

Note for new students starting their master program in Feb 2014: The time of the first lecture overlaps with one of your introduction events. Yet, you can still join the course (we, the instructors, can give you the relevant information in the 2nd lecture). Just make sure to register at your earliest convenience and get in touch with us (Wolfgang and Peter) in the second lecture, which will be on Wednesday, February 5.