PERIODE 3, 2012/2013, timeslot A, 7.5 ECTS [CS site | OSIRIS]
INFOMMMI: Multimodal Interaction

Lecturers: Wolfgang Hürst (WWW, Email), Peter Werkhoven (WWW, Email)

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Instructions: Students will be organized in 6 groups (or less, depending on the final number of students). Each group will:
  • Read the selection of papers to get an understanding of the various influencing factors of virtual world design (multisensory perception, control and navigation, affective qualities and stress, emerging interfaces) and experimental methods to test the effects of these factors.
  • Analyze a virtual world application (training game) with respect to these factors and their possible positive and negative effects on training performance
  • Give recommendations on how to improve the training game based on your analysis
  • Write an essay (norm 16 pages) in which you describe the training game, analysis the above factors and give your recommendations for improvement.
  • Give a presentation of your essay, followed by a class discussion on your recommendations.
For further infos on the training game(s) that can be used for the analysis and essays as well as deadlines and format specifications, please refer to the first lecture (slides 39-42).
  • March 1, 2013: deadline for submission of essays via email to Peter Werkhoven
  • March 4, 9.00-12.45: First half of the groups. Each group presentation lasts 15 min, with 15 min discussion.
  • March 6, 9.00-12.45: Second half of the groups. Each group presentation lasts 15 min, with 15 min discussion.