PERIODE 3, 2012/2013, timeslot A, 7.5 ECTS [CS site | OSIRIS]
INFOMMMI: Multimodal Interaction

Lecturers: Wolfgang Hürst (WWW, Email), Peter Werkhoven (WWW, Email)

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SCHEDULE (preliminary, minor changes may apply)   

Date Lectures (use same pwd as for the papers do access the slides) Practicals

Mon, 04 Feb Lecture Introduction (I) (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): introduction (I)]

Wed, 06 Feb Lecture Introduction (II) (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): introduction (II)]
[slides (pdf) for the part 2 of the practicals:
user studies, project]
Mon, 11 Feb Lecture Multisensory Perception (I) (P. Werkhoven)
[slides (pdf):
1a - Hearing & 2D Vision,
1b - 3D vision & Touch]
Start reading of the obligatory papers. Details about the VR analysis and essay writing will be announced in the lectures.
Wed, 13 Feb Lecture Multisensory Perception (II) (P. Werkhoven)
[slides (pdf):
2a - Multimodal Perception,
2b - VR Technology & Applications]

Mon, 18 Feb Lecture Virtual Environments & Interaction (P. Werkhoven)
[slides (pdf):
3a - VR Human Factors,
3b - Emerging Technologies]
(*) for groups A-C: Assessment "Note quest" (Utrecht University, B.H. van der Vijgh)
Wed, 20 Feb Guest lecture on Memory and Space (Albert Postma,UU)
[slides (pdf): 4 - Multi Sensory Spatial Memory]
(*) for groups D-F: Assessment "Note quest" (Utrecht University, B.H. van der Vijgh)
Mon, 25 Feb
(*) Assessment "Military game" (TNO Soesterberg, A. vd Hulst)
Wed, 27 Feb
Questions and Answers (P. Werkhoven)
Fri, 01 Mar
Deadline for submitting essays
via email to Peter Werkhoven
Mon, 04 Mar
(*) Essay presentations (I, 09:00-12:45) cancelled
Wed, 06 Mar
(*) Essay presentations (II, 09:00-12:45)
Mon, 11 Mar (herkansing week 2nd quarter; no lecture)
Wed, 13 Mar (herkansing week 2nd quarter; no lecture)
Mon, 18 Mar (*) Midterm exam (08:30-10:30, EDUC-ALFA)
(covering part 1 of this course)

Wed, 20 Mar Lecture Mobile interaction (I) (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Introduction, Trends, Touch (part 1)]
Deadline 1st project deliverable (project plan)
Mon, 25 Mar Lecture: Mobile interaction (II) (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Touch (part 2)]

Wed, 27 Mar Lecture: Mobile interaction (III) (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Tilt]

Mon, 01 Apr (Easter holiday; no lecture)
Wed, 03 Apr Lecture: Mobile interaction (IV) (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Track]

Mon, 08 Apr Lecture: Mobile AR (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Mobile AR]

Wed, 10 Apr Lecture: Mobile 3D and VR (W. Hürst)
[slides (pdf): Mobile VR, Conclusion]
Deadline 2nd project deliverable (project report)
Thu, 11 Apr
(*) Project presentations (details TBA)
Fri, 12 Apr
Mon, 15 Apr (exam week 3rd quarter; no lecture)
Wed, 17 Apr (*) Final exam (08:30-10:30, EDUC-ALFA)
(covering part 2 of this course)

week of May 21-24 Retake exam (details TBA)