PERIODE 3, 2012/2013, timeslot A, 7.5 ECTS [CS site | OSIRIS]
INFOMMMI: Multimodal Interaction

Lecturers: Wolfgang Hürst (WWW, Email), Peter Werkhoven (WWW, Email)

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Interaction is one of the most important aspects of games and simulations. For example, you can create games without sounds. Or games with not visuals. But a game without interaction? Not really. And apart from faster and better graphics, maybe the most important technological achievements in game development in recent years have been related to advanced and new interaction styles. Think of the Nintendo Wii's motion-based controller, the XBox Kinect's human body tracking, or the tilt- and touch-based input used for handheld gaming. Compared to traditional controllers, these new ways for human-computer interaction often create a more natural and engaging gaming experience by using multiple modalities that are also characteristic for communications between humans. In this course, we will take a closer look at all kinds of multimodal interaction including the related relevant theoretical background, e.g. about human perception. The lectures will be accompanied by a practical part where students experience and evaluate serious games and simulations, and develop a system themselves. For more information about content, procedure, and formal issues please refer to the description page.


may 12, 2013 [wolfgang]

The final results of the course have been emailed to all participants. Check the inbox of your student/solis email if you didn't get it. The email also contains important information about the retake exam.

apr 10, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from today's lecture are now available in the schedule. Time slots for the project presentations on Thu or Fri have been emailed and can also be found on the first slide in the conclusions slide set.

apr 8, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from today's lecture are now available in the schedule and links to the papers for mandatory reading have been added to the lecture information for part 2.

apr 3, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from today's lecture are now available in the schedule. If you want to have a look at your midterm exam, please send an email to Peter Werkhoven). He will be available on Friday, April 12, 15:00-16:00 (BBL) to meet with you.

mar 27, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from today's lecture are now available in the schedule. Next lecture is on Wednesday. Have a nice Easter weekend!
UPDATE: The 2nd user study will take place in the same room as the first one (BBL 683) and start next week. You can schedule your time slot now via the Google Spreadsheet (check you inbox for the link; I sent a related email a few minutes ago).

mar 25, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from today's lecture are in the schedule. And here are the results from part 1. Notice that "NO" in the latter columns should actually be "NOT YET" (but I left it in there so you can easily check 'how much more is needed' from part 2).

mar 20, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from today's lecture are now available in the schedule.

mar 16, 2013 [wolfgang]
An email has been sent to all participants, containing a link to the Google Spreadsheet that you can use to schedule a time slot for the first user study done in the practicals of part II. If you didn't get the invite, have problems addessing the spreadsheet, or any other related question, please email me or ask me in the lecture on Wednesday.

feb 25, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from the guest lecture are now available in the schedule.

feb 20, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from Monday's lecture are now available in the schedule.

feb 18, 2013 [wolfgang]
Here the slides from part 1: 1a - Hearing & 2D Vision, 1b - 3D vision & Touch, 2a - Multimodal Perception, 2b - VR Technology & Applications (same password as usual). I will put them in the schedule later today.
Update: Slides from last week are in the schedule now. Slides from today will follow as soon as I get them from Peter. Group infos and schedules for the essays have been posted on the page for the practicals of part 1.
IMPORTANT: Peter already sent this PDF by email. If you didn't get his mail, we have a wrong email address from you. Make sure to email me the correct one, so I can update it!

feb 7, 2013 [wolfgang]
The three missing papers from part 1 are now online, too (same password as the others).

feb 6, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from today's lecture can be found in the schedule. Info about part 2 of the practicals has been posted. If you forgot the password for accessing the files, send me an email.
Btw, the brain interface that we have is the EPOC neuroheadset. If you want to use it for your project, let me know.

feb 5, 2013 [wolfgang]
Changes: Papers for part 1 are now online. Minor change in schedule (I forgot that the TNO visit is mandatory, too). Initial infos for part 2 (lecture and practicals) is online now, too. More details in tomorrows lecture (including the password for the papers).

feb 4, 2013 [wolfgang]
Slides from today's lecture can be downloaded from the schedule page. The complete schedule and info about part 1 will go online later today.
Update: The schedule and further infos about part 1 (lectures and practicals) are now online. The papers will be available for download soon (tomorrow).

jan 31, 2013 [wolfgang]
The website is up and running (finally; sorry for the delay). The course starts on Monday, Feb 4, 9:00 in BBL-165. Below some videos and links related to the course. We will not necessarily cover all of this but, well, let's say, if you don't find this interesting, you might consider taking one of the other courses ;)

Microsoft Research: IllumiRoom National Geographic: Brain Games PrimeSense: Capri