INFOMMMI (Multimodal Interaction), 2017-2018, 3rd quarter

This is the website for the upcoming course on Multimodal Interaction in the GMT master program.

Details will be posted here by the end of the 2nd period. Students who are interested and consider taking this course are encouraged to browse last year's website (if you want access to the slides, sent an email to

Lectures for this year's course will be pretty much the same; first, Peter Werkhoven will give a few lectures covering mostly the basics behind multimodal (multisensory) perception and interaction, followed by some lectures on Virtual Reality and a few other emerging topics (Brain-Computer Interfaces, etc.). Then, Wolfgang Hürst will be giving some lectures about Augmented Reality.

For the practical part, we will make some changes compared to last year, mostly based on the feedback that we got from the students. Most importantly, there will be no essay anymore, but the project will extend over the duration of the whole course. We are also trying to organize some hardware for that (e.g., some VR headsets), but the details are not clear yet.

In the project, you will be doing some experiments related to multimodal interaction in a group together with several of your fellow students. There is some flexibility and freedom in chosing your topic, which is also why there are no pre-requirements or necessary expertise that is needed to join the course (we can build the groups and select your topics accordingly).

For formalities (time, dates, etc.) and registration, please check the official CS website of the course and OSIRIS (you find the link on the CS site). If you have any related questions, please email them to The course will start with a lecture on Wednesday, February 7th. Notice that we consider attendance to the lectures mandatory even if we do not explicitly check it.

Preliminary schedule
(some changes may apply)