[Dept. of Computer Science]

Experimentation Project ACS

Title Determination of optimal depot locations based on a public transport company
Student Marcel van Kooten-Niekerk
Supervisor Marjan van den Akker and Han Hoogeveen
ECTS 7.5
Related Course(s) Scheduling and Timetabling
Description Public bus transportation companies have to deal with a number of different planning problems. First they have to make a timetable and then the have to assign buses and drivers to the trips from the timetable.
After the end of their last trip and during long breaks buses are stored in a depot. Depot locations are fixed for some time.
However, when a bus company is going to start in a new area, a totally new timetable or wants to reorganize, new depot locations may have to be determined.

The goal of this project is to develop a good approach for calculating the depot locations given a timetable. We use integer linear programming in combination with a clustering heuristic.