[Dept. of Computer Science]

Experimentation Project ACS

Title Simulation study on busplanning scheduling algorithms for airport platform buses
Student Barbara Pieters
Supervisor Marjan van den Akker
Related Course(s) Simulation, Scheduling and Timetabling
Description Airports such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS) can use buses to transport passengers to and from their airplane. At AAS a scheduler is used to schedule each flight to a number of buses.
At Utrecht University a new scheduler, BAAS, was developed to tackle some problems that exist with the current scheduler.
For one, the new scheduler should be less prone to smaller changes in flight time updates.
Furthermore, this new scheduler should calculate schedules with less conflicts, where a conflict is defined as a flight that could not be served by any bus.
Since it was impossible to test the new scheduler in real life this simulation study was performed. In this study both schedulers are compared by simulating situations (days) as they could occur at the airport.
The results show that BAAS is indeed better equipped to deal with changes in flight times and is therefore said to be more robust.