Lecturer: Ad Feelders.
Teaching Assistants: Susan Brommer (s dot m dot brommer at students dot uu dot nl) and Steven Langerwerf (s dot t dot langerwerf at uu dot nl).
For lecture rooms, etc. see the course page.


  • [Dec 5] Final grades are available here.
  • [Nov 29] Grades of the written exam are available here.
  • [Nov 3] Grades of the first practical assignment are available here.
    Exam and solutions.
  • [September 25, 2017] For those of you who like proofs, I added some proofs to the material of lecture 38B.
  • [September 15, 2017] Some of you wondered where the "magic number" of 1.5028368 came from, in counting the number of pruned subtrees of a balanced binary tree. The relevant page from the CART book can be found here. T_L denotes the branch of T with root node the left child of the root of T. T_R is defined analogously. I wasn't able to trace the "short elegant proof" of P. Feigin. Maybe it is an alias of P. de Fermat!
  • [August 14, 2017] Please note that basic knowledge of probability, statistics and calculus is presupposed. Also, you should be able to write a program, but experience with the R language is not required.
  • [August 14, 2017] The website is being updated for academic year 2017/2018.